Congratulations, Kaleidoscope Project 2017!

Last night was so much fun! Thank you all for showing up for a tremendously successful closing ceremony and open mic night. Your writing was inspiring. Even more importantly, the solidarity you showed yourselves and each other was so powerful. Many of us audience members were literally moved to tears by your strength!

Whether you read or not, thank you for being present. And for those of you who weren’t able to make it, let’s make the Met this Sunday our last hurrah! (That goes for those of you who already said goodbye at the open mic, too, if you’re free this weekend; the field trip is going to be a lot of nerdy fun.)

Check your email for this weekend’s field trip details. Hope to see you there! And if not…

Here are some images of you all being brave last night. I apologize that I was mostly only able to get videos of students who performed twice; in that case, I had enough time to get back to my seat without fumbling the camera. (I also learned from this adventure that “ugly cardboard box of books” is the public event photobomb analog to “empty pizza boxes” in all our classroom pictures.)

If you’re a student in this class, you can download the videos and images from this private Google Drive folder. (If you’re a student and this link doesn’t work for you, email me separately with your preferred email address.)

Don’t forget to a) formally request a letter of recommendation from me (if you need one) via email by September 1, and b) send me your writing if you haven’t already shared anything with me! I can only write you a recommendation if I’ve read your writing– and the more of it I’ve read, the better.

Lastly, this blog is still here for you if you want to publish your work! You’re welcome to log into our account anytime and post your work (I’ll resend the login instructions via email).

Your posts here will automatically be shared to our Kaleidoscope Project Facebook page, which you should “like” and share with friends if you haven’t already. Not only is the Facebook page an appropriate way for all of us to stay in touch, but I’ll also post news about contemporary literature, new books being published by underrepresented writers, college advice, and upcoming teen writing awards at least once a week.

Hope to see you at the Met this Sunday for a final bon voyage!