Teenage Slave

By: Almond Rich

Your arms should appear fragile– or at least, not as muscular as a guy’s.

You should shave your legs because it looks unhygienic to have so much hair growing.

Your hair should be tamed and never look too slept on– take pride in your appearance. You’re representing not just yourself but me as well.

Always wear earrings; you’ll look girly that way.

Get rid of any idea involving playing basketball, softball, rugby (all the rough contact sports). Consider cheerleading (something more feminine).

If you decide to show any piece of skin from the waist down, always make sure that your skirt or shorts pass the length of your fingertips.

When you wear a dress, and you find yourself sitting down anywhere like the train or bus, cross your legs all the way (even the slightest spread is inappropriate).

Take the time to chew your food before you speak. No one wants to have food bits launched into their eye.

If you have to burp, excuse yourself from the table. Have some manners since no one likes to eat with a pig.

When someone asks you a question, be polite and answer the question, no matter how absurd it sounds; these are the things that young ladies do.

This piece was inspired by Jamaica Kincaid’s “Girl,” a semi-autobiographical flash fiction reflecting on women’s oppression.


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