Kaleidoscope Project Orientation

Thanks to everyone who made it out to orientation today! This is our class blog, and it’s now up and running. I will share details with you for posting to it at our next meeting. You should feel free to share it with your world– family, friends, teachers, and each other.

If you weren’t able to make it, here’s a recap of what we did:

  1. Introductions and Origins.
  2. Icebreaker: What makes you different? On small slips of paper, we all filled in the blank for the sentence “I am _______,” crumpled them up, passed the anonymous answers around, and then read them aloud. In the discussion that followed, we determined that we are:
    1. Self-aware
    2. Open-minded and nonjudgmental
    3. Artistic, creative, smart, and accomplished!
    4. Curious about other cultures and our own
    5. Generous of spirit
    6. Proud of ourselves
    7. Committed to encouraging each other
  3. Creative Writing Exercise: Opening Lines from Yvonne Lamore-Choate’s “Untitled.” We used Lamore-Choate’s introduction to her untitled memoir about growing up Quechan-Mojave on a Native American reservation as a template for outlining the beginnings of our own backgrounds. A sort of literary Mad Libs, we each filled in the blanks of her identifiers (location, race/ethnicity, feelings, etc.) to inflect her strategy with our own spin.

Next week: Gender with Jamaica Kincaid (Antigua) and Lysley Tenorio (Philippines)